10 Hacks To Have The Most Sustainable Black Friday Ever

10 Hacks To Have The Most Sustainable Black Friday Ever

How to spend Black Friday with benefit and not buy too much? Tips from our sustainable The Cork Collection team. Enjoy!

1. Make a list of all friends and relatives

Mom's aunt, aunt's dog and grandparents' neighbours. You may not often see these people in everyday life, but at Christmas the whole family gets together and be sure that you have prepared unique gifts just in case. Great if you make a list so you don't forget anyone!

2. Choose favourite vegan brands

Black Friday is not the most environmentally friendly day, as many purchases are made spontaneously and these are not always necessary things in everyday life. Therefore, research the most sustainable and ethical brands that do not harm the environment.

3. Prepare wish list ahead

It’s impossible to be in 5 places at once, so better be prepared. Scroll all needed items and save the links. Great, now you are one step ahead!

4. Be fast when sale starts

It might sound overboard, but when you have hundreds of people shopping at the same store as you, you have to be faster. Remember what we’ve said before? Prepared lists are the key!

5. No more worries before Christmas, good job!

Cool, you’ve done a great job. It’s time to enjoy holiday vibes without life-lasting traffic in shopping malls. Sweater weather, hot chocolate and prepared gifts. 

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