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Discover A New Natural Fashion Trend

We are all about the environment.

As we have been using natural resources at a faster rate than they can be replaced, the need to find sustainable alternatives has become more urgent. It’s important that as consumers, we take responsibility for our purchases by choosing products that are environmentally friendly and ethically sound. We want to promote sustainable living. The problem is that we cannot use plastic, synthetic or animal leather and not everyone has the time or patience to look for truly eco accessories.


It can be difficult to find quality eco-friendly products and even when you do, they are not always pretty enough. Well, now they are! Who knew that cork fabric could be so versatile? Actually, many people these days have gotten aware of the numerous eco-friendly benefits behind cork fabric use. So if you're conscious about the environment and are looking for a great way to celebrate all these natural wonders, The Cork Collection is your answer!


 Cork is the world's only naturally growing, renewable material. It takes more than a century for cork trees to reach full maturity and continuous harvesting ensures that natural regeneration keeps pace with annual harvest. Cork has been used as an eco-friendly reusable alternative to plastics or paper by many manufacturers of food and beverage packaging, consumer goods, travel accessories and even luxury products including Hermès Birkinstock.

The Cork Collection offers sustainable accessories made with completely vegan and PETA approved cork fabric by talented designers from Portugal who share a commitment to reducing their own environmental footprint through zero waste production and truly not harmful harvesting of cork. High quality original designs and premium quality natural materials help deliver on both sustainability AND style!

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