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Enjoy Corkyland with your Corky points

When we say our clients are our biggest priority, we mean it. That’s why we have created a special loyalty program. It will provide you with corky points, so you could buy our goods with a nice discount up to -50%! 

What’s the tutorial? Well, just do these 3 steps: sign up on our website, collect points and exchange them for discounts afterwards. You may ask us «but how do I earn the points?» and that’s where the fun starts. 

Creating an account automatically gives you 100 points (we love being generous). You can get the same 100 points just by following us on instagram or liking or page on Facebook, what could be easier? Considering what effort it takes to navigate Facebook, sharing a link to our fb page gives you even a bigger bonus - 125 points. And in case you are having a birthday don’t forget to tell us about it - we can’t leave you without a gift, thus you will be receiving wholesome 250 points to buy any accessory from our website you want. However, we aren’t just encouraging you to shop on our catalog, we also appreciate every penny you pay us. Therefore you will be getting additional 10 points for every euro you spend on our products. 

Now how do you redeem your cork points? We haven’t lied, when we had written about nice discounts. While the minimum 500 points gives you 5 euro off coupon, 1000 points are worth not 10, but 15 euro in your check. The biggest discount so far - 25 euro - is equal to just 2000 cork points. Moreover, it’s not even everything we can offer! You can also share a unique link to our shop with your friend so both of you could get a bonus: 5 euro off coupon for a friend, and 10 euro for yourself (just don’t tell them).

And, since you have made it to the end of the article, we hope you’ll have a great time earning rewards for completing this cork guide!

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