Have you already prepared your bags for treats?

Have you already prepared your bags for treats?

Halloween is probably one of the most anticipated and chaotic holidays we, as species, celebrate. Having its roots in pagan culture, it blends both horror and joy into a wild frothed cocktail full of partying. So let us introduce you to some of the eco-friendly ways on how to spend the last day of October.


The most exciting part of halloween for food lovers (basically most of us) are treats, adored by both adults and children. Now how about instead of buying candies full of palm oil (it’s bad not only for your health, but environment) you try sweets with no artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives? Or, in case you are too attached to a sugar taste of store-bought chews (we can’t judge you), you can buy the same treats in home-compostable, cellophane bags. Now the good thing is that reusable packaging is getting more and more popular with the food industry.


Pumpkin is not as delicious as a chocolate bar, but it’s easily the most recognizable symbol of Halloween. However, the effect this holiday has on vegetables is quite terrible. For the sake of growing pumpkins big enough with a limited span of time, many are sprayed with heavy-duty pesticides. They usually travel far distances, therefore making their carbon footprint extremely high. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean no change is possible: you can buy organic pumpkins from local farmers of your neighborhood.


And speaking about parties (finally), there are also a few easy tips to make it green-themed. No Halloween celebration is complete without spooky or not so much costumes, but what bothers us is plastic and disposable material they are made of. So, invite a bunch of people with the proviso that they wear rentals or home-crafted costumes. Our eco-friendly cork fabric would be a fantastic option for those who want to get creative at home. Another and pretty obvious tip is to serve organic food, like a pumpkin dessert and using dishes and cutlery instead of plastic plates and plastic forks. Remember, you can simultaneously have fun on Halloween and care about the environment!

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