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How to organize sustainable event

How to organize sustainable event

Even in the age of internet, lots of people still believe we can help environment only by recycling. In fact, you can turn almost every activity into being sustainable. Even when you plan to hold an event for dozens of people. And it’s not as hard as some may think:

For instance, instead of sending paper invitations, no matter how pretty they look, make them digital. It will save both your money and nonrenewable resources, producing less pollution. Plus, you can go into full creative-mode, like making your online invitations animated.

Besides, having eco-tableware is just as effective. There are lots of them: bamboo tableware, melamine tableware, enamel tableware etc. Speaking of this, we recommend you to consider handmade cork tableware, like lovely portuguese coasters, which you can find in our catalog.

The other method which comes to mind is cutting down food waste. Wait, it doesn’t mean your event menu should consist of rice and water! Just regulate the food set in a sufficient way, which will leave no surplus. Not to mention that it will decrease your event costs. 

We are no clairvoyants, but your gathering most likely includes giving presents to guests. And that’s a perfect opportunity to introduce them to vegan niche brands instead of mainstream ones. There is a wide range of cork gifts on our website, just saying.

Finally, don’t forget about eco-friendly toiletries, which serve as an alternative to chemical and synthetic products. There are plenty of such options on the market, like vegan soap bars or biodegradable wipes, which come in recyclable packaging. So basically, it all comes down to your preferences.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make your event sustainable. We just gave you a few tips, but their implementation lays entirely on your fantasy.

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