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Are Cork Products Washable?

They are. Product hygiene is highly important for its longevity and fortunately our cork products are washable (by hand). 

A Cork Product, whether it’s a wallet, backpack or any accessory that we use, is ultimately a part of us. We use them to store our belongings, trusting them with our most essential objects. However, over time and use, these products are prone to become dirty and dull. 

How to perfectly clean your cork products? 

STEP 1: Use a mild soap or detergent.
STEP 2: Make a soap water solution.
STEP 3: Take a baby wipe/ tissue/ muslin, dip it in the solution and wipe it smoothly on your cork product, until the dirt particles get removed.
STEP 4: Gently wipe your product with a dry cloth/ tissue to remove out the excess water solution.
Note*: make sure you take out all the objects kept inside your product before cleaning
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