Secret City Escape nearby Cabo da Roca in Portugal or Where does our team get inspiration from?

Secret City Escape nearby Cabo da Roca in Portugal or Where does our team get inspiration from?

The Cork Collection team is all about peaceful places, where you can hear your own thoughts. But it’s not fair to keep it only for ourselves. Check our guide and escape a huge traffic in well known touristic spots. Today we want to share how you can get to the stunning Ursa beach.

Step 1

Buy a ticket to Lisbon. No need to tell you how amazing this city is.

Step 2

Prepare yourself for a peaceful day near the ocean. Must-have things to take with yourself: a bagpack where you can carry water, some food and a beach towel with a sunscreen. Surely you know where the best vegan and sustainable bagpacks are, but just in case here is the link for it. Don’t forget about comfy shoes for hiking (as we said, it’s a secret place, need some patience to get there!). In Portugal sun really cares about giving us as much sunny days as it`s possible. Do we need to remind you where you can get a truly suitable sunglasses for your vacation? Here it is!
Step 3

Seems that you prepared yourself, it’s time to go! Depending on your budget there are few options to get to our secret spot. You can take a bus, taxi or rent a car. Here is a location where you can park your transport and where the journey begins. 
Step 4

Enjoy views from the top of the cape. And carefully follow the mountain path to the beach (depending on your fitness level you may need 30-60 minutes to get down and the same to return). It`s not so hard but avoid carrying heavy things with you. Also not the best road for children.
Step 5

In 30 minutes you gonna find a stunning wild beach. It looks exactly how nature created it, without the touch of a human hand. Thats how The Cork Collection mission looks like. To keep origin beauty of the world the same as it is. Thankfully to sustainable zero-waste production our company truly cares about the future.
Step 6, the final step. 

Enjoy ocean sounds, take sunbathing, swim and shoot some cool photo memories, but be sure to get back before the sunset. It’s absolutely crazy view on the top.

Hope we inspired you about travel to Portugal or at least you felt our love to nature and get where the inspiration for creating truly vegan accessories came from.
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