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Sustainable Lifestyle

We bet you have heard the expression «sustainable lifestyle» before, but what does it actually mean? In a nutshell, it’s when you make positive change to environment by using renewable resources and minimizing excess waste. But what steps does it take to achieve that? Well, here are some of our tips.


Can you guess which industry produces more global emissions, than the aviation and shipping put together? The answer is fast fashion - industry, that brings us low-priced and trendy clothing made of cheap materials by brands like Forever 21 or H&M. Still, you can change it by purchasing at sustainable brands like The Cork Collection, that are just as affordable, but at the same time sell eco-friendly and high-quality goods.


Sustainability is not just about buying eco fashion, but donating unused items. So in case you possess stuff that just gathers dust on your shelf, like old jeans that now look rather clumsy on you than stylish, donate it to other people, so they can have a their second life. Cruelty free skincare is just as important when you decide to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Most cosmetic companies, unfortunately, test their items on animals. And that is why you can start buying cruelty free skincare brands, that have wide price range and tons of options.


No need to remind you that reducing paper is also a big deal in protecting environment. Digitalization of documents and books helped with that a lot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go paperless: drink from reusable cups, scan digital copies, print on both sides etc. And of course, no ecological lifestyle is possible without reducing plastic use, which can be done in various ways. For instance, instead of using disposable polybags purchase a reusable cork handbag, which you can find in many designs and sizes on our website. And don’t forget about recycling, which at this point is so common there’s no point in explaining it to you. 


Finally, if you are looking for exotic options on how to be sustainable, you can build your own compost pile or even start a vegetable garden. It’s not something as easy as recycling, but it prevents a lot of waste and benefits climate a lot. With that said, some of these sustainable lifestyle habits may sound fancy at first glance, but we can assure you that once you get used to it it`ll become a part of your daily routine!

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