Sustainable vegan fabrics

Sustainable vegan fabrics

It’s a common knowledge that the fashion industry contaminates our environment. But it doesn’t mean that alternative, eco-friendly approach to making clothes is impossible. Like using sustainable materials, which lower pollution rates significantly.

You may ask us: then why do fast fashion brands not use eco-fabrics to minimise waste? The answer is as easy as a piece of cake: money. Manufacturers produce clothes at an extremely high speed to meet demand, therefore fashion brands mostly use synthetic material, which is both cheap to make and has short production time. Usually such low- quality fabrics are nylon, acrylic, polyester etc. But what makes them so harmful is the fact that they need decades to biodegrade, not even to mention the amount of waste they produce in landfills. So yeah, feel free to blame it on the capitalism.

However, there is a wide range of sustainable fabrics, that serve as an alternative to polluters. We can break it into 4 categories: natural vegan fabrics, semi-synthetic fabrics (you probably never heard of them), animal derived natural fabrics and vegan synthetic fabrics (like econyl). Natural vegan fabrics are certainly the most popular ones: they include recycled and organic cotton, just as organic bamboo, still organic linen and the most organic is cork.

You have probably heard to the last one, if you had surfed through our website. Our items are famously made of cork, which is tenderly harvested from an oak tree by collecting the bark. The process of making, for instance, a cork bag, takes a lot of time and effort, since cork trees are very important to earth’s eco-system and cannot be damaged. That’s why we shave away the bark in such way, that allows trees to live for up to not so small 250-300 years. Animal derived natural fabrics means sheep or alpaca wool, cashmere, silk, yak wool etc. We are pretty sure you already have one of those fabrics at your house, like warm thick socks made of sheep wool your mom gave to you in case it’ll be cold outside.

To sum it up, even though fashion industry is notorious for it’s abominable environmental impact, there are still plenty of brands like ours, that rely on ethical ways of producing fashion, utilising sustainable fabrics.

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