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The Cork Collection gets on pages in ISSUE Magazine as sustainable fashion choice

Vegan Essentials for fashion icon Crystal Renn


A fashion icon, American supermodel, and author Crystal Renn has embarked on a momentous mission at the age of 35: consume more consciously in order to help the planet. In this sense, the search and objective have not been easy. That is why Crystal decides to share her favorite vegan products so that you can, why not, follow her example and contribute with sustainability to this globalized world.

Why did you start consuming vegan clothing?

After educating myself and watching documentaries, such as ‘Earthlings’, which shed light on the plight of animals because of testing, clothing, and food consumption, | realized how unfortunate and cruel it is. Aligning my internal values with my external environment and my choices became a top priority, as the world woke up to global warming. | felt a strong call that veganism is what | could do about it, my constant daily offering to the planet and a way for me to feel useful. After many years working in fashion, | can say that | am sensitive to the clothes |
wear. 3D fabric printing can create bold, fresh, and voluminous silhouettes and textures, and can easily replace "The Fur Coat’. Aworld where Peta has a line with H&M is a better world, and I’m excited about where this new frontier of goodness can go. 

What do you look for when buying a vegan garment?

In my opinion, an important technology in the future will be scannable QR codes on the label. | think this, mixed with the designers’ interpretations, will take many unprecedented dimensions and directions, which are currently unseen. The buyer will know the life cycle of the garment: where it came from, who touched this piece and for what purpose. I love Pangaia, a sustainable brand pioneer in QR codes, like a digital passport, that tells the story of the item you have in your possession, and its journey from them to you and its environmental impact. It is about knowing the label, like how to verify the nutritional content of a food. It is asking yourself what are the ingredients of my garment? With this habit I learn about vegan fabric, simply by checking the label and googling to find out as I go.

What other habits do you carry out to help the planet be more sustainable?

I practice a raw vegan diet and participate in a Brooklyn CSA that supports local farmers and supplies my weekly produce, and I am a member of the neighborhood garden where I leave my compost. In general, meditation is my most important habit. Breathing deeply is a spiritual tool that can go a long way, and the ability to sit quietly with one self is an artform.

Our living Earth has called upon us to care. It's about cleaning up the environment one garment at a time, cloaking ourselves in our cause, and protesting with our product choices. Increasingly taboo is the overindulgent consumer. However, with designers focusing their attention on fully recycled fabrics, there could be a future where the coin will flip. The voracious fashionista could be considered a Fashion Saint in a world where our attire is made from repurposed trash; recycled into your closet instead of landfills and oceans. Reused papers, corks, and bamboo as the material for your next accessory instead of silk, leathers, and the typical; is an excellent opportunity to showcase compassion to the animals. These seemingly small changes, such as compostable plant-based phone cases becoming the norm, would be triumphant globally. 


Sustainability is a wheel that turns itself, and we are experiencing fashion's interpretation. When applied to our closets, it looks like condensing our style with multipurpose garments and making our thoughtful basics go far and to all occasions. Possibly an entire wardrobe in one eco-friendly piece is to come to satisfy the Aquarian call to be and travel lightly. "Cleaner, better, faster, smarter "as a collective anthem especially applied to fashion, brings rewards such as intuitive technologies that offer individualization of our shopping experience. To change the process, we must know it, and this is why fully immersing ourselves in the lifecycle of a garment is so essential. Supporting progressive brands that embrace transparency, and invite you to participate in their processes, such as Hangrr men's suits and Nordgreen to build your own vegan essentials, are avenues in which you can further acquaint yourself with your clothing and its story.

Thanks for this eco minded article to Crystal Renn and ISSUE magazine, our team appreciate your truly sustainable choices!

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