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What does sustainability mean?

Let’s be honest, these days we see sustainable signs on each second product. But are they truly sustainable and environmentally friendly? Please, don’t be shy to dive deeply with us into ocean of Eco decisions.


When we see vegan bag — seems like it’s a perfect match for Eco warrior, no animal leather, no harm. But what is it made from and how? Firstly, check the materials. Plastic could be a compromise if it’s already recycled one. In that case you save the oceans and have cool accessories at the same time.

But buying a «new» plastic or synthetic materials which have been freshly made for fast fashion — it’s not a good option. In that case you save an animal on the landscape, but poisoning lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. Basically, you save someone’s life for making it harder in the future. Is it fair enough?


Organic — means that the materials for your bag, wallet or other accessories have been naturally grown without using pesticides and other chemicals. That’s a great point where to start, but let’s move forward.


What happens after growing? In our case, we carefully harvest cork without damaging the tree, so it can be regrown and fill this planet with fresh air at the same time. It’s a win-win strategy between humans and nature. Only few steps left! Boil, slice and create. That’s it, no chemical processes needed. Grown by nature, hand crafted in Portugal.

So for The Cork Collection sustainable means being responsible for what you support by purchasing it. Want a bag? Check how it was created! Buying quality long lasting products you support sustainable lifestyle and making this planet better. 

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