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Daily self-care

Nowadays self-care routine is usually associated with these chic make-up tutorials thanks to Vogue celebrity videos. In truth, it’s about regularly practicing a healthy relationship with yourself, both mentally and physically. Let us share with you some of our tips to keep you sound and full of energy. First thing you should do to both have a productive day and improve your mind is to learn how to wake up easy. There are 3 main steps to do that: get enough sleep, have a stable wake up time and make sure your curtains don’t hide sunlight.

We are no fans of these motivational coaches preaching to get up at 6 am and have a 2 hour workout afterwards. However, doing breathing exercises and light yoga practice in the morning certainly benefits you well-being. You also can purchase a bamboo yoga block on our website to keep variety of tools and make diversity exercises.

No daily self-care is complete without nutritious diet, the key element of which is H2O. We are not urging you to turn into a walking reservoir, as some may assume. What you should do is look up what level of hydration is best for your body. Drinking enough water can do miracles, like providing you with huge stock of energy and even helping with headaches.

And of course make sure you limit junk food and high-sugar products in your ration (even when it`s vegan protein bars), since they would rather eliminate your progress.

But it’s not just healthy habits that make a great self-care: it’s also your mental state. Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t set unrealistic for the day, so you wouldn’t feel like a squeezed lemon. It’s totally fine to ask for help when you need it: in fact, it’s what helps us to learn from our mistakes and self-improve. Being a career-driven person is awesome, especially when your job is your biggest passion. Yet remember to keep balance between your work and private life, so you wouldn’t end up like Miranda Priestly.

And as for our last advice don’t be ashamed to spoil yourself: buy pretty jewelry, expensive make up, fancy bags, as long as they are eco-friendly. There are plenty of such goods on our website, if you ask us. You deserve to enjoy yourself and feel good, since it is an essential part of self-care.

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