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How to choose a sustainable brand?

Climate change made a lot of people reconsider their lifestyles, including products they consume.

No surprise that sustainable brands are becoming extremely popular with modern shoppers. But sustainability is not just just a fancy word to attract more customers - it is an essential feature of brands like the cork collection, which represent cruelty free fashion.

So how exactly do you choose a sustainable brand?


First and foremost, such brands use plant based materials, like cork. It`s a great alternative to plastic and animal materials, which are nor environment-friendly, nor ethical to use. Cork is a natural, completely ecological and water-resistant material, and that what makes it a wonderful choice for brands like ours.
But what matters is not only the material, but the way you collect it. Harmless harvesting is one of the main highlights of the cork collection. The cork is being carefully harvested from trees in Portugal and therefore doesn’t harm environment in any way possible. Furthermore, sourcing from cork oak trees prevents deforestation.

What’s interesting is that suitability also means producing quality products, as opposed to fast fashion. Products made of cork are not only handmade and cleanable, but long lasting, which allows our clients to both help the environment and not worry about their cork wallet, fabric or sunglasses damaging quickly.
Zero waste production policy is just as important when you choose a sustainable brand. It basically means utilizing materials to their maximum which results in leaving no textile or other material waste.


Speaking about our company, collecting cork doesn’t produce any waste or pollute landscape and rivers. Thus we have a variety of stylish, yet totally eco-friendly accessories, bags, jewelry etc.


The Cork Collection offers stylish, handcrafted and PETA-approved products, that benefits ecosystem.

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