Vegan gifts for your loved ones

Vegan gifts for your loved ones

How often have you faced a problem of choosing a proper gift for your parent, partner or sibling? Some people spend hours and hours, trying to find  the option which would be both not too expensive, but at the same time visually stunning and meaningful. Well, we got you covered.


The Cork Collection isnt just a cruelty-free brand, we can also offer a big variety of fashion items for everyone. Lets say you are looking for a gift for your dads or grandfathers birthday. Its unlikely hes a huge fan of cork necklaces or bracelets. But what he might love is a classic fedora with nice vintage watch, made either of eco leather, cork or wood. Vegan cork fabric wallet, which you can find in many colours and designs on our website is also just as lovely gift for your male family member. However, we also have merchandise, that is made for a specific activity. Like handmade travel duffel bag, that would be a perfect option for a relative, who spends more time on feet or enjoys having trips. 


Now if your mission is to find a pretty vegan gift for, lets say mom or sister, youve certainly come to the right place. Our shop offers you a rich set of trendy vintage accessories, bags and even fabrics, so its only up to how well you know your loved ones taste and preferences. For example our artsy backpack can be a wonderful present for girls, who like creative and vivid accessories. And in case you arent really keen on that we would certainly recommend you to purchase our classic blue womens handbag, which is versatile yet classy and simple. Now if you are also looking for something both unique and sophisticated to complete your main present our life of tree necklace and earrings is a splendid choice. 


As you can see we can offer you a fashion piece just for anyone. Even though choosing a perfect gift for you family member certainly can be time consuming, but its certainly a pleasure to know it made your loved one happy. 

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